The Best 2013 Link Building Techniques for Your Website

The best 2013 link building strategies
Link building is still the backbone of optimizing your website and increasing its traffic. Getting other websites to recommend your link will benefit your promotional efforts and help you improve the search engine positioning of your website. Waiting for others to discover you and to start including links to your content can be a lengthy process. Here are several alternative strategies you can rely on to make your online presence more noticeable. Social Networking Social networking is the heart and soul of search engine optimization, plus it can result in some quality backlinks. Many social networks will provide you with do-follow links, the ones that play a role in your SEO efforts. Even if the links you get are no-follow, you will still benefit from the traffic and the sustainable audience increase. Get into the habit of posting...

Four Benefits of Professional Search Engine Optimization

The benefits of professional search engine optimization

Search engine optimization – is it really that important for your website? After all, it appears to be performing quite well and the traffic is increasing. This is great news but such growth tends to be sporadic. In order to accomplish sustainable results, you have to do something about getting more search engine traffic. Working with a SEO professional will help you optimize the performance of your website and experience a wide array of benefits. Here are some of the most important advantages.

Five Reasons Why Your Website Needs Professionally Written Content

Why do you need professionally written web content?

Anyone could come up with website content, right? Why would you need to invest in professionally written articles and will the benefits justify the expenditure? Website content that is unique, original and focused will achieve a number of your promotional goals but it tends to be difficult to put together. Here are five of the main reasons why working with a professional is necessary for success.

Google Introduces Biggest Algorithm Change since 2000 – Welcome Hummingbird!

September 26 will be remembered as the day on which Google announced the biggest search engine algorithm modification since 2000. The change was unveiled just a day before the company celebrated its 15th birthday. What’s New? Google Senior Vice President Amit Singhal introduced the algorithm change that is called Hummingbird and that will affect nearly 90 percent of the Google search volume. The original Google strategy was to provide results on the basis of keywords that people used to find information. Now, the search engine will try to examine the relationship between things, since the number of people asking complex questions when using the search engine is increasing. Search engine results will try to match the meaning of the search query rather than correspond to the keyword or phrase being used. According to Google...

Promoted Pins: The First Paid Advertising Pinterest Option

Pinterest announced the launch of its first paid advertising form on September 19, 2013. Promoted pins give the social network access to a new monetization opportunity, similar to the one developed by Facebook and Twitter. Promoted pins will give advertisers a chance to reach a bigger audience than the one they were capable of reaching through traditional Pinterest activity. Pinterest is one of the most visually attractive networks and as such, it appeals to a big number of companies that are trying to communicate with a target audience and discover prospects. The new functionality is currently limited for testing purposes. Promoted pins are soon expected to become generally available. Pinterest CEO Ben Silbermann explained that the promoted pins will be fully tasteful and transparent. There will be no popup ads or flashy banners that will...