Writing for an Online Audience: Tips for Creating Website Content Like a Pro

You launched your website and you were probably thinking that creating the content would be a piece of cake. After all, you know the niche well, you are passionate about it and you can do a decent job as a writer.

There are several important complications that many website owners and webmasters underestimate. Writing for an online audience has its specifics. Knowing how to facilitate the search for information and how to make the experience more pleasant for the website visitor will be essential.

Looking for web content creation rules? Here are several important basics to keep in mind.

The Headline: It’s All in the Headline!

Many people make a decision about whether to read a piece of website content on the basis of the headline.

Here’s where it gets tricky and slightly complicated – you will need to please the audience and you will also have to think about search engines. Thus, your headline has to be descriptive and catchy at the same time.

Tell your audience what the article will be about but do it in a creative way. You can use your sense of humor, word play or anything else that will help you stand out. Creativity is great but don’t overdo it. Optimization can drive a lot of traffic to your website, which is why you need to have a balanced approach.

Keep Paragraphs Short

Reading text on the screen is more challenging that going through a newspaper or a book. Large chunks of text will be quite difficult to read.

Keep the paragraphs and the sentences short. A single idea per paragraph will be best. Having a few one-sentence paragraphs will also make reading easier.

Avoid long, run-on sentences that appear to be endless. If people have to go back to the beginning of the sentence to understand your idea, you have failed at the task. Words should also be simple – leave your SAT words for other types of writing.

Formatting Matters

To facilitate your audience even further, you will have to format the text properly. Make it easy for people looking for particular types of information to find it quickly.

Bulleted and numbered lists are your greatest friends. Use those to list down features, characteristics, tips, the steps of a process or anything else that will look neater this way. If it can be said in a simple phrase, you should refrain from dedicating an entire sentence to it.

Sub-titles are also a must for online content. How many times have you been doing research and looking for a highly specific piece of information that gets lost in a large text on a certain website? Enable your readers to go to the part of the article that interests them the most.

Bold text and the use of different fonts should be included among the formatting tools, as well. Use these tools sensibly and only when such formatting decisions make sense. Going crazy with the fonts and the structure can have the exact opposite effect of what you are trying to achieve.

The Final Secret: Great Content Ideas

All of these techniques will fail if you have mediocre ideas for website article creation. The process should start with brainstorming and planning.

Great ideas and great writing are the most important prerequisites for the success of any website. If you have nothing interesting or new to say, you should refrain from writing. Do research, see what the competition is writing about and avoid overly popular topics. Going there will make it very difficult for you to “steal” the audience for well-established websites.

You can do content planning in the beginning of the month or once per week. There should be a reason for the creation of each piece. If you can’t justify its creation, you will never get to impress your audience.

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Photo courtesy of photoxpress.com. author: Adam Borkowski

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