How Much do You Know about the Best Online Marketing Trends for 2014?

Each year brings something new to the world of online marketing. In 2014, website owners and managers will have to get creative once again. Making use of the latest and most targeted trends will simplify the task of boosting popularity and meeting marketing goals.

Do you know what the best 2014 online marketing options for your business are? Content will be bigger than ever and so will your mobile presence.

Once Again – Content Marketing

Content, content, content – we will never get tired of repeating how important for web marketing good content is.

Write highly specific pieces and think about your audience. Use analytics data and social media interactions to determine what people want to read about. Relevance – it will bring up engagement and it will affect your search engine optimization strategy, as well.

Mobile Apps

Statistics show that 50 percent of the mobile phone owners use their mobile device as a main method of accessing websites. Another figure is even more important – 80 percent of the time spent on a mobile device is dedicated to the usage of a particular application.

Developing your own mobile app has now become simpler than ever. You can hire a freelancer to complete the project for you or you can rely on an online app builder to create your own unique software.

A branded application that is seen as practical and interesting by smartphone and tablet owners will quickly boost brand popularity. It has to be something industry-relevant, something that your target audience would like to explore. Apps will be even more prominent in 2014 and jumping on the bandwagon now will deliver great benefits and a market position in the future.

Social Signals

Online marketing in 2014 and search engine optimization will be even more heavily dependent on social signals.

Though major search engine representatives have said that social signals like Facebook Likes or re-tweets have no effect on SEO, online marketers and optimization professionals believe there is a correlation.

Even if the SEO benefits are still limited, working on social signals will have online marketing benefits. Social signals are indicative of interactions with your brand. Getting your target audience interested can translate into higher brand awareness, as well as in revenue generation opportunities.

Optimization and Search Engine Traffic

SEO is one of the best and most cost-effective forms of online promotion. It has been incredibly important for many years and it will continue maintaining the prominent position throughout 2014.

Professional search engine optimization results in top search engine results page positions for keywords of interest. This positioning has an incredible effect on search engine traffic and respectively – on the popularity of a website.

Webmasters and website owners that focus on quality and on relevant content will see good SEO results in 2014, as well. There has been a pronounced shift towards organic optimization techniques, which benefits the website owners that put emphasis on functionality and user-friendliness.

Doing online promotion is great for your brand and your business. You can generate leads, start professional partnerships, introduce new products or improve relationships with your customers. Determining what your particular goal is will help you select the 2014 online marketing technique that will deliver the best results. Professional assistance will be helpful, as well.

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