2014 Web Content Trends: How to Make Your Website Great

The statement that content is becoming the king of SEO and web marketing is already starting to get boring. Every website owner, webmaster and copywriter is aware of the tremendous importance that search engines have placed on well-written, unique texts.

Are you coming up with your 2014 content strategy? There are several important trends and factors to keep in mind. Great 2014 web content will be unique, personalized and engaging like never before.

Rule 1: Writing Great Content in 2014

Though it may seem obvious, writing great content is often ignored. Webmasters and copywriters lack the time and they often create mediocre entries. Though these keep the website updates, they perform poorly in terms of optimization.

Even if it happens to be a major challenge, dedicate some time to content strategy creation and to writing great pieces. If necessary, hire someone to do the job for you. This kind of work partnership will deliver great return of investment.

Rule 2: Multimedia is Your Friend

Text is great for a start but does your website have something else to offer to the audience?

Use multimedia and make the content more engaging and interactive. The audience of today is dynamic. It needs something interesting to observe, to learn from and to interact with.

Video clips are easy to embed in your website. You can either rely on popular social networks like YouTube or you can create your own videos. The task is a lot simpler than many people believe it to be. You need a great idea and if you succeed in figuring out what the audience wants, you will increase the chance of content going viral.

Slideshows are the final option. Create your presentations for SlideShare and add these to your website, as well. This type of content is fun to observe and it can deliver amazing marketing and SEO benefits.

Rule 3: Build a Personalized Newsletter

Email marketing is still alive and kicking. In fact, you can make it a part of your 2014 content strategy. The manner in which you can achieve success with this technique has changed and you should keep this transformation in mind. To be successful, you will have to offer some kind of personalization.

Personalized newsletters address the reader. They provide relevant information. A creative strategy is the key to getting the audience involved and reading your emails. Otherwise, your newsletters will end up in the junk folder and the open rate will remain low.

You can have several newsletter varieties to send to customers on the basis of interests. You can also choose content for the mails on the basis of purchase history. Amazon is doing a really good job when it comes to personalization. Subscribe for several different emails to see what the competition is doing and to get inspired.

Rule 4: 2014 Web Content should be Mobile-Friendly

Good content is just the start of the process. Making sure that it is easy to read will also be determining for success.

The percentage of people using mobile devices to access websites is constantly growing. Your content should be mobile friendly. Short paragraphs, bold phrases and subtitles will increase readability on the small screen.

To increase the effectiveness of your content, change your website design to a responsive option. Responsive design changes in accordance to the screen that your website is being viewed on. If you are still postponing this decision, the time is right to do something about it and to make the move.

Great content is important but coming up with it can be challenging. Pay attention to analytics information. See what your audience likes to read about. Doing research before you start writing will have an impact on the outcome.

Do you need assistance for coming up with your 2014 web content strategy? Are you confused when it comes to the techniques that will deliver the best results? We can help you create the content that will boost engagement and affect your traffic. Take a look at our services page or contact us today to find out more.

Photo courtesy of freedigitalphotos.net, author: Stuart Miles

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