Writing the Web Content that will Boost Your Internet Marketing Efforts

The Google team has done everything in its power to kill traditional search engine optimization. Many sites lost their rank and a number of webmasters gave up on trying to catch up with the changes.

One thing remains certain – the quality of website content will start playing an even bigger role for marketing and optimization in the future. Knowing what the characteristics of good web content are will help you update your site frequently and efficiently.


Content has to be 100 percent unique. It will be impossible to repurpose old articles and to expect positive changes.

To get organized and to be successful, come up with article ideas ahead of time. Brainstorming with team members of your company or working with a professional copywriter will make it a lot easier to generate original ideas and to get inspired for the creation of high quality content.

Industry-Relevant Web Content

Stick to topics that you know well and that you are familiar with. Content specialization will help you establish your website’s position and reputation inside a particular niche. Google authority is all about reputation establishment nowadays.

Pick topics that are specialized enough but that people would like to read about. How-to guides and industry news are great options for the creation of relevant, unique and interesting to read web content.

Write for Your Audience, Not for Search Engines

Gone are the days when SEO writing used to be efficient. There were strict formulas, there were requirements and it was a whole lot easier to generate web content that would affect both SEO and internet marketing efforts.

To be successful, you now have to think about the needs of the audience rather than about the specifics of SEO. Write articles that are:

  • Interesting to read and recommend to others.
  • Full of factual information that is presented professionally.
  • Written for a human audience – no heavy keyword usage or repetitive phrases.
  • Giving additional links to more information about the topic.
  • Interesting write from the start. You need a powerful headline and a great intro.

Format Texts Accordingly

The formatting of content is exceptionally important in the world of web. Keep in mind that people will be viewing your web content through a screen, which affects readability.

Proper formatting includes subtitles. Breaking the text into chunks makes it easier for people to scan through the paragraphs and to focus on the content that they consider more interesting.

Bulleted and numbered lists should be there for the same purpose. You can also have pull-out quotes that contain the most interesting sentences in the article. All of these tools generate interest and capture the attention of the reader. If a pullout quote appears to be interesting, the person will probably spend time reading the entire piece.

Be Careful with Keywords

It has now become very difficult to choose keywords and to target those through your content. Google has limited most of the information about the keywords that drive traffic to your website.

There are still ways to determine which keywords should be incorporated in your web content strategy. Try to think like an internet user rather than like a website owner. What words and phrases will you use to reach the information that you need? Choose these keywords but refrain from overusing them in the articles. This kind of strategy will only get you penalized.

Finally, you should consider getting professional assistance. Copywriters that specialize in the niche of web articles understand the latest trends and can help you create the strategy that will deliver the best results. To learn more about the possibilities that professional copywriting provides, please visit our services page.

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