Some of the Hottest 2014 SEO Trends and Marketing Ideas

Search engine optimization professionals have seen a couple of tough years. Google changed the rules of the game so much that it killed some of the SEO staples. The process that began in 2012 saw its continuation in 2013 with PageRank changes and the introduction of a new algorithm targeting complex searches.

What does the future have to offer? The 2014 SEO trends are somehow confusing and being successful will demand much more dedication and commitment than ever before. Here are five key trends you need to familiarize yourself with before the start of the new year.

Learn to Cope with the New Restrictions
It’s been a tough, tough year for SEO specialists. Keyword restrictions came in 2013, giving very little analytics data for optimization experts to base their strategies upon. The first and most important 2014 SEO rule is to learn how to cope with the restrictions.

Blog comments and article marketing have also been killed by Google. The number of possibilities is dwindling all the time. Still, sticking to these restrictions is key to maintaining your positioning. A failure to abide can easily result in disaster.

The End of Technical SEO Strategies?
2014 may easily put the end of technical SEO. On-site optimization techniques involving design and development used to be crucial for good website positioning. Though the functioning of the website is still a factor, its importance has been diminished.

The use of platforms like WordPress has made it a lot easier to stick to the standards. Such platforms offer ready solutions that eliminate the need for having a technical SEO expert involved in the process. A revolution has started and it will continue shaping up the SEO landscape in 2014.

Focus on Content
We have already discussed the importance of content for SEO purposes but 2014 is going to be the year of the content.

The 2014 SEO trends focusing on content quality are going to be the most important factor for the success of a website. Start developing your content plan right now. Quality and consistency will help you achieve your SEO goals.

Paying for professional content services is one of the best investments you can make in terms of popularizing your website and improving its optimization. These SEO professionals are the ones that will have a lot of work in 2014.

Focus on Social Media Marketing
Forget about link building and focus on your social media presence. Is it consistent? Are you making the most of social signals? If you are finding it difficult to answer these questions, you have a reason to worry.

Just like in the case of content for SEO purposes, you need to have a strategy defining the specifics of your social media presence. Posting for the sake of filling your pages and profiles will no longer do it. You need to get the audience engaged and you need to build stable communities for successful implementation of social networking SEO strategies.

Target Mobile Audiences
Mobile audiences will continue gaining power and influence over the world of SEO. If your website lacks a responsive version, you should focus on making it happen as soon as possible.

Doing search engine optimization for a mobile audience can help you harness new popularization methods. There are significant differences between traditional optimization and SEO for mobile devices. Understand the specifics and get to it.

SEO is a niche that changes a lot but the past few years have started a major shift towards reputation building and content-based techniques. There will be great opportunities for website optimization in 2014 but you need to familiarize yourself with the basics and understand the opportunities that will deliver the best results.

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