How to Choose Topics for Your Corporate Blog Posts

Frequent posts are the key to achieving good search engine positioning but what should you write about? Creating a content plan is one of the most challenging blog maintenance tasks. Coming up with amazing ideas for several updates per week may seem absolutely impossible. There are several strategies you can …

Writing for an Online Audience: Tips for Creating Website Content Like a Pro

You launched your website and you were probably thinking that creating the content would be a piece of cake. After all, you know the niche well, you are passionate about it and you can do a decent job as a writer.

There are several important complications that many website owners and webmasters underestimate. Writing for an online audience has its specifics. Knowing how to facilitate the search for information and how to make the experience more pleasant for the website visitor will be essential.

2014 Web Content Trends: How to Make Your Website Great

The statement that content is becoming the king of SEO and web marketing is already starting to get boring. Every website owner, webmaster and copywriter is aware of the tremendous importance that search engines have placed on well-written, unique texts. Are you coming up with your 2014 content strategy?

Low-Cost Online Marketing Ideas that Really Work

Nearly every business has a website today and standing out of the crowd is now requiring more effort and creativity than ever. The problem with accomplishing such goals is that doing web promotion on a tight budget can be a daunting task.

Many website and business owners forget one important factor – internet marketing is more about having the right kind of strategy than having a huge budget. An inexpensive campaign that goes viral will have much better results than spending a large sum on professionally created multimedia that fails getting the audience engaged.