6 Biggest Copywriting Mistakes That Affect Your Website’s Reputation

6 Biggest Copywriting Mistakes that Affect Your Website's Reputation

Online reputation has become everything for businesses, especially the ones dealing with tough competition in the particular industry. Building a sensible online presence is cost-efficient and highly effective for targeted lead generation.

So many businesses already rely on web copywriting services for the purpose of having effective website content. Yet, some individuals still believe that writing a bit of content occasionally and on their own will produce the same results.

There are solid statistics behind the reasons why good copywriting is crucial to the business prosperity. A recent research that HubSpot conducted illustrates the vital importance of quality online content for companies. It revealed that 79 percent of online shoppers spend at least 50 percent of their shopping time researching products on the web. Nearly 44 percent of the consumers rely on search engines in the beginning of their shopping experience.

Want to learn a bit more about why professional web content creation is so important? According to ContentPlus, 60 percent of consumers feel more positive about the companies that create custom content. Almost 80 percent believe that organizations dedicated to creating quality content are interested in building solid relationships with their customers.

These statistics come to show that writing web content is directly proportional to the increase in customer satisfaction and sales volume. In case you do not see great results, chances are you have hired the wrong person to deliver web copywriting services. Here are some of the biggest mistakes in the realm and the manner in which they affect your reputation.

The Blah Content Factor    

Since writing website content has become such an integral part of business development, the competition is fierce. This means you need outstanding content to impress. General articles, anything that seems to be stereotypical or superficial will no longer do the job. It’s all about added value and creativity now.

How can you deal with the blah content factor? For a start, focus on the quality of the headings. Here’s what the marketing genius David Ogilvy had to say on the topic: “On the average, five times as many people read the headline as read the body copy. When you have written your headline, you have spent eighty cents out of your dollar.”  Thus, you should make sure that your copy possesses strong, grabbing and interesting headings.

Great content has personality and this is especially true in the world of online reputation establishment. You have a couple of seconds to impress the audience, otherwise people will move on and search for information elsewhere. Here’s what you can do to accomplish that goal:

  • Come up with a strong opening that’s playful, humorous, intriguing or entertaining. Use the first few sentences to draw the audience in
  • Avoid generalizations and mediocre information. If you want to be recognized as an industry leader, you need to show your expertise
  • Present a brand new perspective and a new way of telling a story that everybody knows already
  • See what your competition is doing. Now write about something else
  • Dig deep and find a niche. The more specialized your content is, the happier your audience (and search engines) are going to be

Ignoring the Needs of Your Target Audience

The second major mistake some copywriters commit is failing to consider the needs of the target market. The first question every writer needs to ask before putting fingers on the keyboard is “who am I taking to?”

Make sure you hire a person who can put themselves in the shoes of your customer, uses the tone of voice that is appropriate for your audience and presents useful information to the readers. Providers of web copywriting services will often ask about your analytics data and the audience’s demographic profile. Such information is invaluable for great content creation.

Underestimating the Importance of SEO

Skillful copywriters are aware of the best ways to use SEO and are constantly upgrading their knowledge in the field. If you are working with a person who disregards the importance of keywords, analytics and other SEO features, you are committing a huge mistake in terms of corporate marketing.

Writing website content for a human audience should always be your priority. A couple of small tweaks, however, can also help you ace the optimization game and benefit from the significant traffic that Google can drive to your website.

Insufficient Research = Shallow Content

A well-written article on its own will not serve the purpose of attracting customers. The piece should contain enough information to provoke readers to take action. Even if the copy is skillfully written, it will fail by not giving the audience enough in-depth information. People want to get something valuable from their interactions with brands. Are you taking this fact in consideration when writing your articles?

Providers of good web copywriting services know how to make each piece of text valuable. Keep in mind, however, that saying too much in the article is as dangerous as saying too little. The author of the piece should conduct enough research to say everything that is important to your target audience.

Misleading Stats

Good copywriters know that they have to be honest with the readers. Inventing fake statistics and twisting facts is a proven way to lose the customers’ trust forever. Even a single article that includes misleading information can cause serious damage to your reputation. Stay away from copywriters who fail to understand the importance of presenting truthful content.

Content that Lacks a Call to Action

Missing the call to action in one of the most trivial and annoying mistakes in writing website content. What is the point of doing all the hard work if the user doesn’t know what to do next?

Make sure you provide your contact information on your website and instruct the copywriter to include a clear message for the customers in the copy. The piece of writing should tell your site visitors to take action, explaining how they can sign up, download materials or make a purchase. The person who delivers the web content writing services, however, should be skillful enough to make the call to action sound lucrative rather than openly-promotional and annoying.

These are just some of the reasons why opting for the right web copywriting services is so important. Are you interested in correcting some of the mistakes that are harming your website’s reputation? Contact me today and we’ll help you make your online presence relevant, informative and targeted. I will audit your website, come up with a content plan and make sure that all of the articles are on-point. Get in touch right now to benefit from a free preliminary consultation.