The Best 2013 Link Building Techniques for Your Website

Link building is still the backbone of optimizing your website and increasing its traffic. Getting other websites to recommend your link will benefit your promotional efforts and help you improve the search engine positioning of your website.

Waiting for others to discover you and to start including links to your content can be a lengthy process. Here are several alternative strategies you can rely on to make your online presence more noticeable.

Social Networking
Social networking is the heart and soul of search engine optimization, plus it can result in some quality backlinks. Many social networks will provide you with do-follow links, the ones that play a role in your SEO efforts.

Even if the links you get are no-follow, you will still benefit from the traffic and the sustainable audience increase. Get into the habit of posting something interesting on a daily basis. Some of the social networks you should consider exploring include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Google+ and Tumblr.

Guest Posting
Writing articles for high quality, popular websites is a great marketing technique. It will also provide you with backlinks coming from pages in the same industry. Such backlinks are the most valuable ones.

Look for websites and blogs that have solid audience. Contact the owner or administrator and suggest a partnership. You will write an interesting and unique piece and in return, you will get your biography and a link to your website published alongside the article.

Guest posting is still one of the hottest link building strategies. it adds value to both websites involved and since it is mutually-beneficial, chances are that you will get many website owners to agree to the arrangement.

Do a web search about your topic of interest. Many websites actually have a guest posting policy that you can review to figure out whether a partnership is possible.

Press Release Marketing
Creating well-written, interesting press releases is another 2013 link building technique that delivers excellent results.

There are many websites and directories that publish press releases regardless of the topic. Take a look at such directories and make sure that they are ranked well. Getting low-quality backlinks will interfere with your SEO efforts in a negative way.

Your press releases need to be engaging, since apart from getting a backlink, you will also get some traffic to your website. Write about interesting studies or new facts in the industry that people would like to be reading about.

A Solid Content Strategy
Add useful, unique and interesting content to your website on a regular basis. This strategy is great for stimulating natural link building.

The more specialized and intriguing your content is, the more backlinks you will get. The strategy will demand some time to begin delivering results but it is one of the most sustainable options.

Finally, avoid some of the biggest link building mistakes that many website owners and inexperienced webmasters commit. Quality is much more important than quantity. Avoid low quality directories and irrelevant websites. You should never pay for links or participate in reciprocal link schemes. Google can easily get you penalized for relying on these techniques. The best link building strategies require some time and effort but they are the ones that will move your website up the search engine results page.

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