Getting the Most of Your Facebook Business Page

Dedicating a Facebook page to your business is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways of doing internet marketing. Many businesses fail making full use of their Facebook presence due to the lack of commitment or knowledge. To get targeted traffic and to find new prospects, you can rely on a series of basic steps.

Use Multimedia
Text is great but slideshows or videos are the ones that will immediately grab the attention of the audience.

Multimedia will add some nice diversity and color to your corporate Facebook presence. You can share promotional videos dedicated to your products, how-to guides or industry news. Just make sure that the clips are of sufficiently high quality. When it comes to successful internet marketing, quality is much more important than quantity.

Refrain Posting Content Solely from Your Website
Using your Facebook business page to share content solely from your website will get the audience bored. People are there to find something interesting, something useful or something funny. Make use of content curation and provide links to various reputable websites.

Diversity is the key to keeping your audience coming back from more. Adding your own links between the other updates is a great way to maximize your traffic without alienating anyone.

Competitions can Help You Get New Fans
Increasing the number of Facebook business page fans is one of the key factors for the success of your campaign. In theory, it sounds simple. In reality, it may be a bit difficult to do.

Competitions are a great way to bring up the number of fans. Use Facebook ads to promote your page and to promise new fans a particular award. You can also rely on games and competitions to boost the audience’s engagement and to make your business Facebook page more dynamic.

Get Feedback from Your Customers
Apart from getting an opportunity to promote your products and services, you should use the Facebook business page to get valuable feedback from your customers.

Let your fans post comments, questions and complaints. Many businesses are afraid of negative online comments but these can actually turn into wonderful internet marketing opportunities.

See what customers are complaining about. Promise them to investigate the issue and if necessary, provide some kind of compensation. Your adequate reaction could turn the opinion of that customer around. Someone who was unhappy with your products and services could actually become one of your biggest fans in the future. It all depends on the manner in which you handle feedback.

The Facebook business page will also enable you to present the “human” face of your business. It allows for communication in informal settings and it can help people feel emotional attachment to your brand.

Ask Questions and Post Polls
To motivate participation, you should use your Facebook business page to ask questions and post online surveys.

This strategy will deliver numerous benefits. For a start, you can get incredibly useful market analysis free of charge. You can learn more about the manner in which your new products and services are being accepted. You can also learn more about the needs and the preferences of your target audience.

Questions will make people get actively involved. This is one of the prerequisites for the success of a Facebook business page. Take your time to come up with meaningful inquiries. You should ask about topics you have genuine interest in.

A Facebook business page is one of the cornerstones of successful internet marketing. Though inexpensive to create, it requires creativity and daily efforts. To make the most of your Facebook page, you need to have a content curation strategy and a plan for getting the audience actively involved.

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