6 Reasons Why Every Company should Write an Ebook (and Why a Good Ebook Writing Service is a Must)

Ebooks are becoming more and more popular. They are a wonderful marketing tool and according to a DemandGen report from the end of 2014, 29 percent of companies have created a free ebook for promotional purposes in the past year.

Content marketing is one of the best options for establishing your reputation. Putting a book together requires effort and knowledge, which is why the outcome will be appreciated by readers.

Need specific reasons to consider this marketing tool? Wondering whether an ebook writing service is a good option for your business? Here are six reasons why you should immediately start thinking about giving the technique a try.

Establish Your Authority in the Industry

Writing an ebook sounds impressive and it can give you competitive advantage instantaneously. It’s easy to establish your reputation as an industry leader, if you’re willing to put some time and effort in the process.

Writing an ebook will turn you into a powerful industry voice. You’re sharing quality information for free and addressing a problem that your prospects have been dealing with. Content marketing builds solid relationships, plus people love the idea of receiving a complete product (rather than an article or a how-to guide) for free.

Turn Your Knowledge in a Sale

People are no longer interested in straightforward promotion. To give your company a try, they want to access something beneficial in advance.

Your knowledge (shared through an ebook) will translate in a solid relationship with a prospect. The effort will boost brand recognition. The information shared in the ebook will potentially transform itself in a sale. Whenever a reader needs to buy a product or a service in the particular field, they will certainly think about your brand.

People invest time in reading a guide that you’ve put together. By spending some time on the material, they start appreciating your brand and everything that it stands for. Though the technique isn’t going to translate in instantaneous monetization, it can deliver spectacular results in the long run.

Creating an Ebook isn’t that Difficult

Can’t write it yourself? Opt for a quality ebook writing service.

Professional copywriters know what it takes to write engaging and useful content that your audience is going to love. The money you’ll invest in the ebook writing service will bring a very high ROI, justifying the initial spending.

In addition, you don’t have to deal with printing costs and other types of expenditure linked to creating traditional marketing materials like brochures, booklets or catalogs. An ebook is a digital file. Thus, the production costs are limited.

To make the most of the opportunity, you’ll need to do some research. Finding the best ebook writing service will guarantee the effectiveness of the content marketing approach and deliver a quality product that your audience is going to love.

Cumulative Gains

You have to invest in ebook writing just once. After the book is written, it will continue delivering results for a long period of time.

It’s important to choose a timeless topic that will be equally intriguing today and five years from now. An ebook has the potential to continue bringing you new customers year after year and helping you establish solid relationships with those prospects.

You Already have the Content

This is particularly true for the companies that have a blog. You already have the content that can be used for putting an ebook together.

An ebook doesn’t have to be 500 pages. A short, straightforward and readable guide will be much more appreciated by the target audience. The series of blogs you wrote on a certain topic can easily be edited to create an in-depth guide.

The Popularity of Ebooks is Growing

More and more businesses are starting to understand the potential of ebook writing. The time is right to give the technique a try.

It’s always a good idea to test an opportunity before the market becomes fully-saturated. When readers have hundreds of free ebooks to choose among, chances of success decrease. Right now, you can see an amazing result and have a serious impact on your target audience.

To sum it up, ebook writing is easy and cost-efficient. It produces all results that content marketing delivers and gives you a few additional perks, as well. The technique can work for every business, every industry and every target audience.

Have we managed to convince you yet? Are you curious about giving this type of marketing a try? Phoenix Digital Solutions has a reliable and affordable ebook writing service that you can try. As a new customer, you’ll also benefit from a discount and a free of charge consultation. Contact Us today to have your questions answered. We’ll be more than happy to help you put the best marketing strategy together.

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