Five Perpetual Content Marketing Problems and How to Fix Them

What are you doing to connect to your audience? Does your reputation establishment campaign put a focus on marketing? The days of traditional outbound campaigns are long gone. Today’s audience wants to get something useful and fun from its interaction with brands. Using content marketing as a part of the overall marketing strategy has become equally important for big enterprises and small family businesses. Over the years, content marketing proved its credibility – a recent

Is Guest Blogging Alive in 2017 and How to do it Properly

Some say that guest blogging is dead in 2017. This isn’t necessarily the case. The strategy is still alive and kicking. It simply requires a different approach.

Guest blogging ranks among the best ways to promote your own blog and content, not to mention the fact it can help for optimization It can help you bring more traffic to your pages, establish brand awareness and help you build meaningful relationships within the

5 Tips for a Successful Email Blast

An email blast is still an incredibly popular marketing approach, regardless of the fact that many innovative techniques have gained traction lately. There’s a reason why email campaigns are so sought after. Campaign Monitor statistics suggest that marketers are six times more likely to get a click through from an email than from a tweet. What’s even more impressive, 81 percent of people who have gotten a newsletter based on previous shopping habits are likely to make a purchase due to such a targeted campaign.

Six Reasons Why Every Company should Invest in an Article Writing Service and Professional Content Marketing

You’re a small business owner and you believe that investing in professional marketing is going to be a waste of money at the time being? How about a professional article writing service? Chances are that you don’t deem it necessary. You’re not alone – many small and medium-sized business owners underestimate the importance of professional content marketing. This post isn’t meant to convince you that