Understanding the Social Media Gap: Passive Presence vs. Active Engagement

We live in a world with communication channels that are becoming exponentially more dynamic. Social networks, mobile devices and gadgets ease interactions between people, businesses and even official entities. Using social media for business and brand recognition remains a good approach due to the rising number of people relying on such platforms. The numbers don’t lie – Facebook has 1.44 billion monthly active users (as of March 31, 2015), Twitters scores 302 million

Low-Cost Online Marketing Ideas that Really Work

Nearly every business has a website today and standing out of the crowd is now requiring more effort and creativity than ever. The problem with accomplishing such goals is that doing web promotion on a tight budget can be a daunting task.

Many website and business owners forget one important factor – internet marketing is more about having the right kind of strategy than having a huge budget. An inexpensive campaign that goes viral will have much better results than spending a large sum on professionally created multimedia that fails getting the audience engaged.

Some of the Hottest 2014 SEO Trends and Marketing Ideas

Search engine optimization professionals have seen a couple of tough years. Google changed the rules of the game so much that it killed some of the SEO staples. The process that began in 2012 saw its continuation in 2013 with PageRank changes and the introduction of a new algorithm targeting complex searches.

What does the future have to offer? The 2014 SEO trends are somehow confusing and being successful will demand much more dedication and commitment than ever before. Here are five key trends you need to familiarize yourself with before the start of the new year.